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Mechanical Paper process

    International Paper's paper mill,Sawn wood paper Dimensions after its peeled right processes, the logs into a large drum, the drum rotates logs rub against each other and remove the bark, the bark will be used off the boiler fuel, peeled The logs are cut into 1.5 to 2 inches, the thickness of 0.25 inch square wood, cork (Softwood) tablets and hardwood (hardwood) pieces to be due to differences in physical characteristics separately.

    Wood fibers from the small membrane (cellulose fibers) is known as lignin (lignin) of the colloidal bonding material composition, manufacturing pulp cooking wood chips when using chemicals to break down lignin and the fiber separation. As wood chips into the digester (digesters) huge container kitchen with its function similar to the pressure cooker (pressure cooker), wood and chemicals under pressure cooking in 1.5 to 4 hours until it becomes marshy as a mixture of oatmeal , after the separation of the fibers can be suspended in water. After washing the mixture to remove the remaining chemicals and decomposition of lignin and bleached to a suitable brightness (whiteness).From here the pulp through a series of refiners (refiners), the pulp fiber wall surface so that the linear element rough pine Guan, a sheet-like fiber each Chanzhu.Then add dyes (dyes) and other additives to make finished products have the required characteristics of the paper.

    Twenty pulp to fiber ratio of water to a water through a cloth or paper machine forming network (forming fabric or wire), pulp of fibers intertwined to form the paper and remove most of the water. 3,000 feet per minute speed ahead, and then through a series of absorbent paper, cloth and steam heating called dryer (dryers) of the roller, remove the water retained within the paper.  Paper and then by a coating process to add starch solution on both sides of paper, starch makes the paper a smooth surface for printing inks and in the future will not be the open, bring water as coating process, need to repeat the previous paper drying process.  After drying the paper and through a heavy roller to smooth the surface is more smooth and polished so that the paper roll into big gathering in the rear roll, and then split into the appropriate width of a small roll, part of the original volume packaging and shipping, and part of the re-processing of flat sheets cut into suitable Dimensions before packaging and shipping.

    Paper describes the basic process flow:

    Hydrapulper: pulp within the hydraulic pulper and mutual friction are torn, broken pulp solution in order to achieve the purpose.

    Beating: Beating the fiber deformation, lip swelling, crushing and fine fibrosis and so cut off. By beating, you can change the form of fibers, so that the pulp to obtain certain characteristics (such as mechanical strength, physical performance), to ensure that the copy paper and cardboard into the desired quality can be achieved.

    Purification: The purpose of cleaning compound to remove the paper relatively large impurities such as metal scrap, cinder and so on.  Purification equipment is the use of density difference to choose points impurities.  Common equipment: cone deslagging.

    Screening: The purpose is to remove the paper compound relative small size of a large density of impurities, such as pulp groups, fiber bundles, grass clippings, etc.

    Common equipment: pressure screening.

    Headbox: a modern paper machine headbox is a key component.Its structure and properties of paper sheet formation and the role of the quality of a decision to form.

Its main tasks:
    * effective dispersion fiber.  High turbulence headbox to produce high-strength micro-turbulence, the dispersion of fiber can effectively prevent fiber deposition and flocculation, can effectively improve the sheet strength.

    * evenly along the horizontal distribution of the paper machine materials. (Quantitatively determine the distribution of the horizontal pieces of paper)

    * spray stability, speed and speed to ensure the slurry-phase coordination.(Quantitatively determine the vertical distribution of pieces of paper)

    Network Department: Department of dehydrated pulp forming the network.Internet pulp concentration of 0.1 to 1.2%, a V roller sheet dryness degree of 15 to 25%, forming paper dryness of 90 to 95%. Thus, the Ministry of dehydration of the total net amount of more than 90% dehydration.

    Press section: the role of mechanical squeezing dry the paper web to further enhance the degree of dehydration.While increasing the tightness of paper and paper strength and improve the surface properties of paper (such as smoothness).  Mechanical dewatering press in the economy is more cost-effective. Paper machine press section more than 1% increase in dryness.  Department of dryer steam consumption by 5%. In this sense, the press section should be as low as possible off the water.  The use of new composite crushing, wet sheet dryness out of the press section of up to 48 ~ 50%.

    The dryer section: the role of the Ministry of drying:

    1 Following the press department of water after a wet paper prolapse, so that dryness of paper to 92 to 95%.

   (2) to improve paper strength.

    3 to increase the smoothness of the paper.

    4 complete the paper sizing.

    Calendar: calendar to improve the paper's smoothness, gloss and thickness uniformity.

    Take the volume: a calendar of the paper roll into the roll online.

    Rewinding: paper machine rolls on both sides of the volume as missing, and the paper width is too wide to be slitting rewinding into a roll or cut each into flat paper.

    Packaging: not less than quantitative 120g / m on a roll of wrapping paper roll to form packaging.

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