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     transmission  Chinese papermaking technology spread sequence, the first for the paper and paper products , followed only for the paper-making technology. Archaeological findings confirm that early Western Han Dynasty, the paper had already spread to North Korea .  About the late fourth century, paper was introduced into Korea and Vietnam .  To the 7th century , produced in the Korean Peninsula, " Korea paper "has been for the Chinese literati like to use.AD 610, the Korean monk Tan Zheng and Japan will offer papermaking regent Prince Shotoku , Japan sign the paper God called Tan.  9-10 century AD, the Silk Road passed through the papermaking Western Regions , and thus pass India , Buddhism began to appear by the volume of paper.

     In AD 8th century 751 , the Tang Dynasty CHANGJI with great food country (then Arab ) outbreak Talas battle , defeated the Tang soldiers captured in the paper to understand the artisans , it was introduced papermaking West ; first spread Maer Han (now Uzbek territory) established the Middle East, the first paper-making workshop, 794 Baghdad, the second paper appeared the Middle East workshop, which papermaking spread to the Arab region .

     12th century introduced the beginning of Spain , 13th century passed Italy , 14th century introduced in France , Germany, and eventually spread throughout Europe , the Americas .  But the 17th century, Europe is still only Chinese papermaking Song level.  Qianlong years, serving in the imperial French painter, Jesuit priest Jiang Youren will be to map Chinese papermaking, returned to Paris , from the Chinese papermaking technology was advanced in Europe spread.  1797 , the French were Nicholas Louis Robert invented the paper making machine, which goes beyond China.

     After 1,000 years of time to spread this China's papermaking technique spread throughout the world .

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