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Coreless Toilet tissue
Products Details:
1. Item Name CLTT001
2. Color White
3. Ply 2
4. Fiber Recycled
5. Roll Hight 10.2cm/4"
6. sheet Length 11.2cm/4.4``
7. Length/roll 112 meter
8. Core Diameter  
9. Embossing Yes
10. Packing 36 rolls/carton
11. Case Gross Weight 13.76kg/30.3ib
12. Case Net Weight 13.16kg/29ib
13. EPA CPG Compliant Yes
14. Case Dimensions 57*43*31.6cm/22.4*16.9*12.44"
Adjustable Product Parameters:
1. Color can be white color, nature color.
2. Ply can be 1 ply, 2 ply, and 3ply.
3. Fiber can be pure wooden pulp, mixed pulp, and recycled.
4. Roll Hight can be any size once cutted waste is resonable.
5. Roll Length can be any length.
6. Roll Diameter can be any size.
7. Core Dimeter can be any size.
8. Embossing can be any style if customers have design and agree to pay the embossing roll cost.
9. Packing Up to customer¡¯s need.
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